Why Choose Us?

Speedy Organics is Orange County Best and Highly Rated Medical Marijuana Boutique Delivery Service. We made it our mission to provide all legal patients with reliable, safe, and convenient access to medical marijuana without having to visit a dispensary.

We have been forging relationships with the top industry leaders to provide all of our patients access to the highest quality medical marijuana cannabis products ranging from Flower, Concentrates, Cartridges, Edibles, and more.

Speedy Organics was founded due to the rising need for safe, reliable, legal access to the finest cannabis products. The owners noticed that it was getting harder and harder to get access to connoisseur, premium medical marijuana so we made it our mission to only provide our patients with the best of the best.

You've tried the rest, now try the best!

Our mission

Our mission is to provide all of Orange County’s legal medical marijuana patients with safe, reliable access to the finest medical marijuana products in the industry. We saw that over the years it was getting harder to gain access to quality cannabis products in Orange County so that why we decided to launch a boutique medical marijuana delivery service that only specializes in superior medical marijuana products.

  • We only carry the finest indoor medical marijuana sourced from the finest growers in California.
  • Committed to providing fast and professional service without having to visit a dispensary.

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